SneezeFire: Niagara Stylized Clouds Breakdown

This is a small breakdown of an stylized smoke effect made for SneezeFire a game made for the GMTK Jam 2020. Final Effect So lets start with the material. Mesh (Variation) In the jam I used Houdini to create meshs with required vertex color for the effect. Meshes from cluttered spheres Vertex Color (red and green channels) The red channel is primarily used to describe how heating should distribute over the mesh or in other words, how each cloud should cool. [Read More]

UE4 + Git: Sematic Versioning Tool

Spoiler: This currently does not work for Blueprint-Only Projects with Unreal Engine 4. You could make it work by using a DataTable and generate a csv file instead of a Header file. Also note this can probably be used for Unity or custom engines too. As long as you change the export to something suitable. The Problem I wanted to have semantic versions inside my Unreal projects but not changing any files inside the repository and then committing. [Read More]